Ross Garrett brings us a powerful moment in time…

The new Metro FM campaign from King James II directed by Darling Ross Garrett is a powerful, moving piece that captures a pivotal moment in a live music performance. The commercial is the latest in the line of impactful spots for this brand.



Ross’s approach, from casting through to sound design, played an imperative part in adding to the amazing atmosphere captured. From the very start he placed noteworthy emphasis on both audio and visual elements, working on both concurrently to create the beautiful end result. Audio was outsourced to Amsterdam in the search for a fresh take.

To put it all together Darling’s team leveraged off an existing live event in Zone 6 in order to capture the real magic of the crowd and ensure an authentic atmosphere and mood in the commercial. Ross’s passion for his craft is evident in every frame of this spot as he captures a meaningful “moment in time”.