Put a little faith in me, says Jono Hall and Darling Films for Ogilvy and Add Hope

So here was the brief: create a commercial that tells the story of a sad, isolated child who grows and develops into a happy and positive human being over time, with the help of good nourishment.

Sounds pretty straight-forward right? Well here comes the catch; tell that entire story through the drawings of children…

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Darling Films and Director Jono Hall knew that the natural creativity that children innately have could end up making something really special, and so were incredibly keen to take on the challenge and the leap of faith required to do a job like this. This meant letting the children at Africa Tikkun, one of the beneficiaries of KFC’s Add Hope, be the major creative force in the telling of the story.

Under the guidance and supervision of psychologist Juliana Mendonca, the children were asked to draw characters and interpretations of their world – basically set free with as much paper and crayons as their hearts could desire.

And after roughly two weeks and 1000 drawings by 250 children, they started the process of choosing the specific drawings that would be used in the commercial.

You can imagine that this process was quite frightening to begin with, as there was really no telling what was going to come back. As a result Jono and the Ogilvy team had to go on the journey with hardly any preconceived ideas of what the ultimate story was actually going to be, letting the children’s pictures be the guiding light.

But as soon as the first incredible pictures started to come in and the elements started to fall into place, the team knew that the faith in the kids was going to pay off. Jono’s approach was to build a world that starts as a dark, colourless, onimous place – that through the course of the commercial, emerges into a bright, happy one, filled with laughter and friends and colour. They blended a “pop-up book” style of real backgrounds, created as a set, lit and shot with film cameras, after which Jannes Hendricks animated the little hero character into the footage of those sets. Together they ultimately brought this whole journey to life, carefully creating emotions and a real spark of life out of what started out as a simple picture drawn by a child.

See the end result here, made by the hands of children and crafted by Jono Hall:

See the “making of” HERE

KFC – Add Hope from Darling on Vimeo.