An open letter to the Protea’s by TBWA/Hunt Lascaris and Zee Ntuli


TBWA called upon Zee Ntuli and Darling to capture the raw passion and ambition of young cricketers from Standard Bank’s sponsorship of the Cricket South Africa Regional Performance Centre Programmes . The task entailed creating a cinematic interpretation of an open letter to the Proteas. One in which these youngsters call out our national team, and make it quite clear that the next generation is coming for them, soon. Zee tackled the multifaceted campaign which combines a traditional TVC with online content to provide deeper insight into the children, their world and most importantly their dreams.

Zee worked with children from the Development centers, non-actors, and was able to inspire hard-hitting heartfelt performances to make the message really hit home and strike fear into the hearts of the Proteas, their heroes.His vision was to capture the forward thinking nature of the concept, by treating the spot in an adult, gritty, and unflinching fashion, with just enough of a wink to the fact that these are still kids. It’s not everyday that you get to turn young dreams into reality, so Zee didn’t hold back either.





AGENCY: TBWA/Hunt Lascaris
Chief Creative Director: Pete Khoury
Creative Director: Rui Alves
Copy Writer: James Andrews
Group Business Director: Bridget Langley
Group Account Director: Gaelle Le Lagadec
Agency Producer: Sandra Gomes

Director:Zee Ntuli
Executive Producers: Melina McDonald and Lorraine Smit
Producer: Saskia Finlayson
Director of Photography: Motheo Moeng
Production Art Director: Chantelle Carter

Music Company/Composer/Sound: Markus Wormstorm
Editor: Warwick Allan – Mushroom Media
Post Production Online: Mushroom Media
Post Production Offline: Mushroom Media