Jono Hall’s Dancer in the Dark

25 year-old classical composer Caroline Leisegang had this crazy idea: she wanted a music video for a track from her          award-winning debut classical album Øyeblikk. It’s just the kind of idea that Jono Hall loves to jump at. And jump he did.             He even did the on-set catering*.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.10.34 AM

Teaming up with Alice Kok, a striking talent in Johannesburg’s contemporary dance scene, they made a simple, but poetically   brutal expression of the young composer’s, haunting music. Every now and again you’re handed an opportunity to make something for someone you admire, whom you sincerely think is doing something new and amazing. Then, the universe decides to do you    another favour and let you work with people who bring their own incredible qualities to the process – so that it all comes together to be more than you imagined. Better than you’d hoped for.

This is definitely one of those occasions.


* A curry if anyone’s interested. You can email for the recipe.