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An open letter to the Protea’s by TBWA/Hunt Lascaris and Zee Ntuli


TBWA called upon Zee Ntuli and Darling to capture the raw passion and ambition of young cricketers from Standard Bank’s sponsorship of the Cricket South Africa Regional Performance Centre Programmes . The task entailed creating a cinematic interpretation of an open letter to the Proteas. One in which these youngsters call out our national team, and make it quite clear that the next generation is coming for them, soon. Zee tackled the multifaceted campaign which combines a traditional TVC with online content to provide deeper insight into the children, their world and most importantly their dreams.

Zee worked with children from the Development centers, non-actors, and was able to inspire hard-hitting heartfelt performances to make the message really hit home and strike fear into the hearts of the Proteas, their heroes.His vision was to capture the forward thinking nature of the concept, by treating the spot in an adult, gritty, and unflinching fashion, with just enough of a wink to the fact that these are still kids. It’s not everyday that you get to turn young dreams into reality, so Zee didn’t hold back either.





AGENCY: TBWA/Hunt Lascaris
Chief Creative Director: Pete Khoury
Creative Director: Rui Alves
Copy Writer: James Andrews
Group Business Director: Bridget Langley
Group Account Director: Gaelle Le Lagadec
Agency Producer: Sandra Gomes

Director:Zee Ntuli
Executive Producers: Melina McDonald and Lorraine Smit
Producer: Saskia Finlayson
Director of Photography: Motheo Moeng
Production Art Director: Chantelle Carter

Music Company/Composer/Sound: Markus Wormstorm
Editor: Warwick Allan – Mushroom Media
Post Production Online: Mushroom Media
Post Production Offline: Mushroom Media

Darling Jono Hall is The Man for Ogilvy and KFC


img_7265Darling Jono Hall busted out his manliest cinematic instincts for Ogilvy’s award-winning KFC, “Still A Man” creative team – Molefi Thulo; Tammy Retter; David Krueger and Juliet Curtis. And still had time for a selfie.  A three-spot campaign for the triumphant return of the Double-Down settles the question  once and for all: whether you’re in the heat of battle, or in the windswept deserts or lurking in a basement with a bunch of tough guys – you’ll always Be A Man.

Watch the spots on the Offical KFC YouTube Page:

Darling Jono Hall and Black River FC keep it simple



Sometimes all you can do to just get out the way and let the humanity of a real moment between people shine through. In many ways, that is the challenge with beautiful and sensitive scripts. For Wonga’s new ad campaign – it was essential to make the hand of the film-maker feel as light and delicate as possible. Black River FC tapped into the human truth that making a difference for someone can often be achieved simply – and this is strongly on show here with subtly sincere performances, richly textured visuals and the deeply heart-warming authenticity of the campaign as a whole.

To watch the commercials click the links below:

Darling’s Zee Ntuli gets to tell some true life stories with Agency 99c


What does one do when you need to make a campaign to celebrate 100 years of business? By simply telling honest stories. Ackermans and 99c took this approach to commemorating the retailers centenary.

Customers and staff were invited to share their Ackermans stories – and 3 of these were selected to represent what the brand means to its people.  Darling director Zee Ntuli was chosen to bring these stories to life – a task he took on with heart and enthusiasm. The cinematographic approach was key in finding the right balance between the epic nature of the 100 years and the integrity of the stories. The result is 3 honest and emotionally charged commercials, which will bring a tear to the eye of even the most hardened viewer.

Thank you to Janine and Julia from Ackermans and the team  from 99c Morne, Deon, Hylton, Sindy and Melanie for this amazing experience.

To check out the commercials, just scroll down and click play.

Darling Louis Minnaar is always “Ready to work”

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 2.17.07 PM

The brief was to create a visual treatment for ABSA’s “Ready to work” music video. The Jupiter Drawing Room wrote the lyrics and came up with a fresh concept to appeal to a younger crowd. The idea became the transformation from student to working-world adult, a challenging time in any young person’s life. Songstress Noku Phiri and Rapper Lebo Mochudi brought the song to life.

Louis designed a visual that keeps to the existing ABSA brand equity and compliments the graphic and visual effects for the music video. With this project Louis’ nimble genius translates well into a strong marketing message.

The Creative team – Kerryn Maggs, Cameron Fraserand and Creative Director Raj Ranchod were completely collaborative which made an already amazing idea a pleasure to work on.

To view the music video please go to

Jono Hall’s Dancer in the Dark

25 year-old classical composer Caroline Leisegang had this crazy idea: she wanted a music video for a track from her          award-winning debut classical album Øyeblikk. It’s just the kind of idea that Jono Hall loves to jump at. And jump he did.             He even did the on-set catering*.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.10.34 AM

Teaming up with Alice Kok, a striking talent in Johannesburg’s contemporary dance scene, they made a simple, but poetically   brutal expression of the young composer’s, haunting music. Every now and again you’re handed an opportunity to make something for someone you admire, whom you sincerely think is doing something new and amazing. Then, the universe decides to do you    another favour and let you work with people who bring their own incredible qualities to the process – so that it all comes together to be more than you imagined. Better than you’d hoped for.

This is definitely one of those occasions.


* A curry if anyone’s interested. You can email for the recipe.

Roadtripping With Darling Jeana and the Hardy Boys

Darling Jeana and The Hardy Boys, took to the open road with three women, a vintage Citroen and a small crew to create an online short film for Environ which bridged the gap between beauty and lifestyle.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.31.08 AM

There wasn’t a formal script, which allowed Jeana to show her versatility as a filmmaker – and let the story of friendship and special moments unfold naturally during the trip. A lot of fun was had by all!



This is Manuel. This is Jose. This is Darling Chloe’s latest spot for SABC TV Licences and DDB.

Anyone who knows Chloe knows how much fun she had telling the story of  Manuel and Jose in their quest to pay their TV Licence on time.

Chloe was able to explore her off-beat humour with two real life characters, creating authentic performances that are both hilarious and heartwarming.

So watch, laugh and enjoy! (And don’t forget to pay your TV Licences)

A Darling August

Darling tops the list for Creative Circle’s Ad of the Month taking 1st and 2nd place.

Congrats to TBWA\Hunt \Lascaris and Darling Jeana for Datsun “Dog” and “Job” which took 1st place.  King James II and  Darling Ross  took 2nd place MetroFM ” I am not done”.

Check out Ross’s ad HERE